Billboards Offer Dominance in Competitive Markets

One of the biggest benefits of billboards is their ability to create dominance in the advertising space. This is true of individual billboards but can be amplified with a larger billboard campaign!

Individual Billboards

Billboards dominate the space they are in because of their large physical size. Billboards in the Northwest are always spaced by regulations which creates even more spatial dominance around any given billboard location! Unlike other mediums such as web ads or radio where there can be 3, 4, or even 5 ads next to each other competing for attention, billboards direct consumer’s attention to a single message.

Multiple Billboard Campaign

If an advertiser purchases space on multiple billboards, especially within a tight radius, the power of dominance increases. Not only are you the message a customer repeatedly sees, but sometimes the only message. Any advertiser can make their customers feel like they are seeing them everywhere all the time, which they are! Dominance creates a sense that your business is the biggest and best within your market.

An example of dominance are the billboards in and around Madras purchased by Black Bear Diner.  You cannot arrive in Madras from the south or north without knowing about their current special.  The volume and control of the billboard locations around this business ensure a steady stream of customers in the always busy Madras Black Bear Diner.

Collage of Black Bear diner billboards with burgers and shakes in Madras Oregon

The benefit of dominance is available to everyone who tries billboard advertising and is only compounded with additional displays! Call us and let us help you dominate the advertising space in your local market.

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