Growing the best little billboard company in the world


Our Mission - We develop and sell billboard advertising to give local and regional clients visibility and voice to drive commerce and public information, creating economic vibrancy in the communities we serve. We are good neighbors that maintain our billboards, support local causes, and take care of our clients and employees so both can thrive.

Meadow is a family owned company based in The Dalles, Oregon with territory reps in The Dalles, Portland, Eugene and Boise. We believe that our service sets us apart and seek to be good business and community partners with those we serve and the places we work. We are enthusiastic about billboards and how exciting it can be for a business to see their message come to life in an ad medium that is physical, durable and forceful within the space it inhabits. From the national top brand spenders like McDonalds, Comcast, Google, etc., to the local restaurant or retail, we think billboards are the great equalizer in advertising.

Older, grainy photo of San Jose Frontier Village Billboard that says

From the Frontier
to Billboards

Frontier Village was the go-to destination for San Fransico families in the 60's and 70's. Patterned after Disney, the park featured Hanna Barbara characters set in an Old West theme park. Frontier Village was the brain child of Joe Zukin, Meadow founder and planted the seed for a future in billboards.

A Values Driven Company

Meadow was founded on values that build partnerships with our clients and communities:

  • Truth - "Always tell the truth so you don't have to remember what you said." Founder Joe Zukin

  • Compassion - understanding how we can solve problems for clients and produce a meaningful work environment for employees.

  • Family - respected as individuals, and empowered to all pull in the same direction for fast, efficient service to our clients.

  • Detailed - taking care to understand all aspects of our agreements.

  • Independent - doing business the Meadow way to keep us strong for our partnerships.

Crew working on putting up a blue and red billboard extension next to a freeway

The Meadow Business Philosophy

The Meadow business philosophy is to make investments in our people and our billboards so our advertisers can enjoy an optimal billboard experience. Team members are encouraged to think like owners to constantly improve processes, efficiency, and customer experience.

The work of our crews is often unseen, but Meadow is committed to structure care and keeping obstructions out of the approach to a billboard for clear reads. Our crews take pride in stretching tight vinyl and making needed repairs or upgrades as fast as possible.

Orange logo of top 100 Best companies to work for in Oregon 2023

Special Recognition

In 2020, Meadow Outdoor participated in the Oregon Business magazine's "best companies to work for in Oregon". Meadow was ranked at the top spot for employers in the Small Business category in 2021 and in 2022 continued our streak. Why does this matter? We trust you value doing business with another small business that is consciously valuing the input and welfare of their employees. We hope it is reflected in your experience with Meadow.