Meadow’s Out of Sequence Program

The Meadow Outdoor annual display agreements include the design, print, and install of the initial vinyl display. Some advertisers need to change their ad copy part of the way through their annual contract, others have an event that is sold out and need to let the public know, and Meadow makes that easy too.

Out of Sequence

“Out of sequence” is an industry term for ordering additional creative changes. When a client wants to change their billboard message, Meadow charges a fee to print, ship, and install the new vinyl. This fee varies based on the size of the billboard and a trip charge for the installer to travel to the billboard and do the work to install the new creative. The current vinyl square foot charge for out of sequence productions is $1 per square foot.

Out of sequence productions are quoted and locked in on a Meadow annual contract.  The quote will be honored on all additional creative changes ordered by the client during the contract term.

Sold Out Program

However, there is another even more specific request that Meadow has received recently which is for the billboard vinyl not to be changed, but for a ‘Sold Out’ sticker to be posted on a billboard that is promoting an event. This is a new program that Meadow has developed in recent months. If a venue sells out of tickets but doesn’t want to change their vinyl, they can request that a 2’x8’, bright red, ‘Sold Out’ sticker be posted over the top of their original copy. This can be done for a trip charge but no fee for the sticker itself.

Neither of these programs are relevant to our digital billboard advertisers because there is no vinyl needed for advertising. We upload the images remotely. These images can be changed anytime, and new digital art can be ordered once per week, free of charge!

If you have questions about ordering an out-of-sequence vinyl or our ‘Sold-Out’ program, please don’t hesitate to email or call us!

If you are interested in advertising on one of our billboards call us at 800-221-4114 or email us at!