How to Best Utilize Digital Billboards

Digital billboards are all about the flexibility to display multiple messages and efficiently share more or changing information. Meadow can help our clients leverage the scheduling technology of our digital screens to upload dynamic content and control when and which messages are displayed.

Meadow is dedicated to helping our clients use their digital spot to the fullest potential. That means art and more art!  We include design and unlimited uploads in our client agreements.  More information can be shared with multiple pieces of art. This allows for simple beautiful designs for each individual product or service being advertised and prevents the cluttering of a single design with too much copy. Digitals are a great fit for advertising events, sales, product promotion, or seasonal messages. Messages can also be quickly changed or updated to reflect current events.

Dynamic content can be such a creative way to draw someone’s attention. Advertisers can use “day parting” to schedule different artwork at different times of the day. For example, display a lunch menu item in the morning and an entrée in the afternoon so messages are targeted and only play during the appropriate hours. Another example would be using an RSS feed to show a wait time or even what is currently playing on a certain radio station. Dynamic content is very innovative for the billboard industry and is a great way to bring liveliness to your message.

Meadow digitals are set up for 8 second display times on a 64 second rotation. With the rotation, clients can have one design run multiple times within the schedule if they want more eyes on that specific advertisement, while still having their other designs in rotation. This allows for a mix of fresh designs and more information to share, while still being able to have a primary design as the main focus. As an example, an event design could be more heavily weighted in a schedule building up to the event, with less play time for branding copy.

Another great example of using scheduling to emphasize an event would be an Open House promotion for a real estate agency. They can have all their agent’s individual designs in rotation during the week but shift to exclusive or heavy promotion of open houses for the weekend. The agent artwork would be seen less but it currently isn’t the main priority over the open house. There will still be eyes on the agent artwork, which is great, but more eyes on the open house which is very appreciated by listing owners.

Digital billboards give you so many unique opportunities for sharing your message and new ways to catch the eye of potential customers. You can keep your messages new and fresh while sharing more.

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