How Much does it Cost to Advertise on a Billboard?

The answer is, like most things, it depends. The average cost for billboards in the U.S. will vary from state to state. Billboards in New York will be far higher than in Idaho. However, a ballpark estimate for billboards in the Pacific Northwest is between a few hundred to several thousand dollars per month. The price all depends on key factors that indicate how many people will likely see that billboard display on a daily basis. As a rule, the more people that see a billboard the more value it has to advertisers.

           Higher value locations are determined by the number of people that will see the billboard and the demographics of the passing traffic. How high is the traffic count? How visible is the display for drivers? Who is likely in the car? Billboards in urban areas with high traffic like Eugene, Oregon or Boise, Idaho are likely going to have higher value relative to rural areas. However, even in rural areas, if the billboards are located on frequently traveled highways, or near tourist destinations, the billboard space will be more valuable.  The lowest rate billboard displays are the ones with the fewest eyes on them, although these billboards are still valuable to small business owners who only need to reach local customers within their community.

           Another consideration of value is if the billboard has lights.  Most billboards have lights that are set to “standard Illumination” which runs from Dusk to Midnight.  This allows the copy to be read a full 18 hours a day. At Meadow, advertisers can also pay extra for our ‘Dusk to Dawn’ illumination so the billboard is illuminated throughout the night. This can be useful for truck stops and other businesses that stay open 24 hours a day.

           Meadow has information for its advertisers available, including the rate, size, illumination status, location on Google Maps, the most recent traffic data, and expected daily impressions. We feel confident that we can find a billboard in our inventory that would be the right location and price range for you!

           To find a billboard near you, explore our website’s available inventory! To discuss pricing for our specific billboards give us a call!

If you are interested in advertising on one of our billboards call us at 800-221-4114 or email us at!