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Billboard Location

Search Tips

Meadow has a diverse inventory of billboard locations. To help you find a location that fits your advertising needs, consider the following search tips.

Will your billboard be a directional sign?

Search for billboards that read to traffic coming toward your business or are in areas where you want to draw customers. Remember, a website is also a directional sending buyers online to meet you.

Will your billboard be a second storefront?

If you need to point customers to your location, search for a billboard that is within your service area.

Will the main purpose of your billboard be awareness?

If you want to get your services, products or message out to the masses search for billboards in high traffic locations and look for more than one.

Will your billboard be part of a media campaign that includes print and radio?

Look for locations on major commuter routes in your target market that will remind readers and listeners about your campaign and keep you “top of mind”.

What if the billboard you want doesn’t appear to be available?

Call right away – the regional sales representative will know when it will be available and position you as a back up for the location or suggest alternate locations that are available. Once you are an advertiser with Meadow, you will be offered the first right to renew your location for additional terms.