The Effect of Font Style on Readability

Font styles greatly influence the readability of the message on a billboard. Distance and viewing time require the use of fonts that are uniform in style and shape for instant recognition, yet there are a variety of fonts to choose from that still effectively communicate the advertiser’s brand and style without compromising the ability of drivers to read the message.

 Good Fonts Bad Fonts

Good fonts read quickly and don’t require valuable time to discern. In addition to the uniformity of the letters they are evenly spaced. At a distance, bad fonts that are fine or detailed will fade into the background. Fonts that are too heavy will blend together and lose their basic shape. Outlines can reduce the effective size of the lettering and distort fonts so should be avoided.

 Readable Unreadablefonts

The font styles shown are typically used to design outdoor advertising and are shown to have the best reading qualities at a distance.