Enhancing Your Outdoor Message

In addition to brilliant, full color copy, advertisers can enhance the message beyond a single dimension. The ability to go up or out opens up creative possibilities with the images and copy. Enhancements are proven attention getters for drivers in a busy media landscape.


Extensions add square footage to your message and go outside the boundaries of the sign face. An extension of your copy will get extra attention from drivers and provides a creative opportunity to think outside the literal box. Maximum allowable size is determined as a percentage of the square footage and regulated by state or local jurisdictions.

Eye Catchers

Add a twinkle, add a glow - there are numerous durable products that can be added to the vinyl to create special effects including Gloskin, and Scotchlight. Digital sign cans and counters are common additions to billboards showing up to the minute information.


Building a 3-D element into your design can create memorable impressions with lifelike surprises.