How to Design a Great Billboard

Start with a great message. Great outdoor art is focused and concise but it also clearly says something about your business though the words and graphics that will get customers to engage with your product or service. Nothing will get a look faster than “Free” so consider what free trials, consultations, “Brevity is not only the soul of wit, it is the heart of effective advertising.” – OAAA (Outdoor Advertising Association of America) deals or items you can offer to entice customers to interact with your business then be prepared to handle the increased traffic. Or educate the public about what you can offer your competition doesn’t, or how you can help them meet a need with your product or service. Emotional images and messages can move people to action and financing offers can overcome purchase barriers. Think about your advantages and the image you want to promote and then consult with your Meadow sales representative to distill that into a single message with focused graphics. Coming up with a brief message may be challenging but once done it can be used in any other ad medium.

Good vs. Bad Design

Designing billboard art is a unique skill. Understand what makes a readable layout and why we recommend it…

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Outdoor Design Guidelines

You can be an effective partner in your design by understanding these guidelines…

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Add ons that can make your message really pop…

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