Buying Outdoor

Purchasing a billboard is renting outdoor advertising space. Each billboard is unique and the supply is limited with only 10% of our inventory available on average at any one time. Your sales representative can help you identify locations that are available now and set you up for desired locations. The rental agreements are contractual.

Rates & Terms

Billboard rates are based on the location of the billboard, the traffic count, and market demand. The rate includes consultation and initial design, space rent, printing of the billboard, the installation of the billboard and the illumination and maintenance. Meadow billboard rates are quoted by our sales representatives. Our standard term is 12 months which includes the production and installation of the initial vinyl, so advertisers will not have costs above the monthly rate. Shorter term rates are available in most markets with the advertiser paying the cost of the production and install of the vinyl.

Purchase Process

Purchasing is simple and easy. As the single point of contact, customers work with the sales representative assigned to their territory from purchase to install. First time advertisers qualify for invoicing by completing the Meadow credit application, or they may pay for the contract in advance. Next, contracts are accepted and the art process begins. Your sales rep will help you develop your copy and gather your art elements, or deliver an art spec of the purchased billboard for the customer’s designer. The art process is designed to take 30 days or less for design, print and install. When the customer has approved their artwork, it will be produced as a full color vinyl and shipped to the installer. When received, the installer will schedule, install and photograph your billboard. The billing period will begin when the vinyl is installed. Finally, your sales rep will send you photos of the installation, and follow up during the term of the contract.

Additional Vinyls

Advertisers are welcomed and encouraged to purchase additional vinyls during the term of their contract. Your sales rep will quote and manage the production process of the new vinyl.