Regional Sales Managers

Brad Parsons

Brad Parsons

General Sales Manager – Oregon, Idaho, Washington, California

Phone: 503-344-4657
Fax: 541-296-1855

As the Sales Manager I can share with you that The Meadow brand is built on three tenants:

IT IS HANDS ON – with an emphasis on person to person consultation and service we react quickly to changes in market conditions and structure maintenance. We can advise on the people, markets, tastes, and traffic patterns in our plant because we are part of the same communities.

IT IS CONSCIENTOUS - we respond to our markets and our customers with solutions that are service minded and fair. We are good corporate citizens in the communities in which we operate. We actively support local functions, charities, and events by donating ad space.

IT IS ENDURING – built on a 100 years of collective experience selling billboards, we are committed to outdoor and systematically gaining market share.

We look forward to working with you and sharing our brand of outdoor service.